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New Student Intake Form (First-Time Students Only)

This is a new student intake form that can only be submitted one time. 

Students are responsible for completing all steps outlined in the interactive accommodation process to secure accommodations. Any step not completed will result in delays. 

Please note: Accommodation Requests with no supporting disability documentation will be put on hold until documentation is provided. 

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Specific Accommodation Information

Do you have now/or have a history of disability documented by a licensed medical provider?Required
Do you have an IEP or 504 plan in High School?Required
Please be specific in describing your needs. This section should include a list of functional limitations that the student will experience in an academic environment as a result of the documented disability.
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Housing Registration Form

Please note Housing Accommodations are given based on availability. Filling out this section will not guarantee you Housing Accommodations.

Deadlines for the 2023/2024 Academic Year:

  • Current Students: May 5, 2023
  • Newly Enrolled Students: May 5, 2023

Requests made by the student are not guaranteed as space is limited. This is an interactive process. All steps in the process must be completed to be considered for housing accommodations. 

Post-Deadline Housing Accommodation Requests

For students who have a need for housing accommodation(s) that arises for the first time after the May 5 deadline has passed, requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Disability Services Office and Residence Life will strive to meet late applicants’ needs as soon as reasonably possible, however, priority consideration is given to on-time requests. Students should be aware that they may be placed on a waiting list until the requested reasonable accommodation can be met. The waiting list does not guarantee a housing placement. 

Are you requesting Housing Accommodation?Required

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Disclaimer: CalArts provides educational services and access for eligible students with verified disabilities who intend to pursue coursework at CalArts. A variety of programs and services are available which afford eligible students with disabilities the opportunity to participate and feel equipped to succeed fully in all aspects of Institute programs and activities through appropriate and reasonable accommodations. Completion of this form constitutes an agreement to apply for services through CalArts Disability Services.
Student RightsRequired
According to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504), and The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 as amended (2009, ADA-AA), you have certain rights:

i. Your participation in CalArts Disability Services shall be entirely voluntarily.

ii. As a qualified student with a verified disability, you have the right to receive reasonable academic accommodations based on your educational limitations in order to have access to activities, programs, and services. The Institute faculty and staff shall not automatically deny an accommodation unless other effective, more feasible ones exist, or the identified accommodations have been determined to lower academic standards or otherwise fundamentally alter the nature of the program in question

iii. Receiving CalArts Disability Services support services, accommodations or instruction shall not preclude you from participating in any other course, program or activity offered by the Institute.

iv. All records maintained by CalArts Disability Services personnel pertaining to your disabilities shall be protected from disclosure and shall be subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act requirements for handling of student records. However, your consent to release of information is not required as long as the disclosure is to other school officials (including instructors) within the Institute whom CalArts has determined to have legitimate educational interests.

v. You shall not be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity in a public entity. In essence you shall not be discriminated against in any way on the basis of a disability.

CalArts Disability Services is required to meet state and federal regulations. CalArts aims to create a partnership with students that proactively remove challenges or barriers inside the classroom. To help us comply with these regulations and meet our goal, we are informing you of your responsibilities as a recipient of our services/accommodations:

Student ResponsibilitiesRequired
i. To provide CalArts Disability Services with the necessary medical documentation of disability;

ii. To request services as needed (services do not roll over from semester to semester as courses, instructors and space may change);

iii. To meet with CalArts Disability Services to complete a Student Educational Contract, and agree to meet with the professional each semester to update the SEC;

iv. To return any equipment on loan from CalArts Disability Services at the end of each semester. If the equipment or software is not returned or renewed by the date indicated on the loan agreement or if materials are returned damaged, a “HOLD” will be placed on your registration and you will be assessed the replacement cost of the equipment or software program;

v. To maintain behavior appropriate in an educational setting. As such, you are responsible for knowledge of Institute policies. You are expected to adhere to all Institute policies and federal laws pertaining to student conduct on CalArts campus or at CalArts sponsored events;

vi. To make measureable progress toward the goals established in the Student Education Contract (SEC), and;

vii. To meet the academic standards established by the Institute and the Instructor in the class/course in which you are enrolled.

I understand that I must request accommodations each semester I wish to access my accommodations through DSO.Required
I will communicate regularly with my instructor(s) regarding my needs and/or concerns as it relates to their class.Required
I will contact & meet with Disability Services if any problems arise with my accommodations after I have advocated for myself. Required
I will connect with my faculty after securing accommodations with DSO and confirm they have received my accommodation letters.Required
I understand that I must fulfill the requirements for participation in the CalArts Disability Services Program. I understand that failing to meet one or more of the above requirements may lead to suspension or termination of services. I understand that I will be notified in writing or by telephone before any action is taken to suspend services. By signing this application, I affirm that I understand and agree with the CalArts Disability Services Program Rights and Responsibilities of students and I will abide by them.
Please Type your Name to indicate you agree to the Disclaimer above

Document Upload

Accommodation Requests with no supporting documentation will be put on hold until documentation is provided. Disability Documentation should describe the student’s disability adequately and verify the student’s current need for accommodations to have equal access to learning or housing environments or activities. A diagnosis does not, in and of itself, qualify a student for accommodations under the ADAAA. General statements will not be accepted. Parents are not appropriate evaluators, even if they are otherwise qualified. Visit our website for more details-

Upload supporting document(s)

Preferred Disability Documentation such as a Psycho-Educational Evaluation Report (Might be part of an IEP) or Medical Documentation from an appropriate licensed professional (physician, psychologist, etc.) will be helpful to the process of determining reasonable accommodations. 

Please note: While an IEP or 504 can be helpful, they are not considered sufficient documentation to document a disability. DSO will accept IEPs or 504s as additional information, however, please be prepared to submit additional documentation.

You can upload these documents here: